Leverage information better to advance your business

TDNet partners with corporate information centers and libraries to help them serve the specific needs of their users. Centralizing the access to and management of electronic resources, TDNet’s corporate solutions provide sophisticated tools that make your company’s processes more efficient, reduce the time and burden on users and ease administration.

How we help?

Using our corporate know-how, TDNet upgrades your information access.

For many enterprises in pharmaceuticals, aerospace, defense, semiconductors and finance, maintaining an information center takes more and more time and resources. It’s a big challenge and high competency to cope with the ever-increasing volumes of information. TDNet makes the integration and maintenance easier for your information center. You get the services you need to help your users and implement efficient processes.

What we do?

TDNet easily integrates into your enterprise portals, search engines, knowledge and content management systems.

  • Workflows are customized to work seamlessly with your in-house processes
  • In-depth usage statistics are displayed for all e Resources according to your company’s specific structure (individual, team, department, division, and more)
  • All electronic resources, both in house and external, are accessed via a single search interface
  • Search results are clustered into concepts that are meaningful to your business
  • Company personnel access electronic resources securely from remote locations 

How your business benefits?

TDNet’s professional services team ensures that your needs are met including:

  • Easy access to full text – unified point of access to all content, both in the information center’s holdings and in external resources
  • Core data repository – central index of metadata from hundreds of millions of items in print and electronic journals, e-Books, databases and electronic collections
  • A-Z listing – consolidated mega index of your entire collection, enhanced by tables of content, email alerts, personalized profiles and additional functionality
  • Precision search of external resources – single query targets multiple electronic resources, avoiding the need to learn different search formats or run multiple searches
  • Maximum link resolution accuracy – OpenURL link resolver uses a unique table of contents to provide core data enhancement and maximize link resolution accuracy
  • Library portal – organize information for your organization workflow and processes, as required by users and teams
  • Workflow efficiency and reporting – comprehensive ERM solution for management, tracking and optimization of the information center’s digital resources
  • Up-to-date catalog at all times – TDNet tracks collection changes, corrects metadata and updates proxy configurations to keep your catalog up-to-date and error-free
  • Authentication and remote access – access information securely anywhere