Access all your content with a single sign-on experience

TDNet’s access and authentication services let your users connect to all your subscribed resources using their network login. Users gain simple, secure access your organization’s electronic resources, while integrating with your existing single sign-on system.

Overview - With TDNet’s OpenAthens services, you simply connect your users to all the resources they need securely.

The TDNet OpenAthens system simplifies access to your organization’s electronic resources. They gain the rich resources. You lose the maintenance headache.


TDNet makes the technology simpler for you.

  • Designed for librarians and information centers as a broker between your systems and your subscribed publishers
  • Configure once and leave the maintenance to us – no need to setup tricky connections with each publisher
  • Quick, easy account management and new resource introduction
  • Flexible integration with your local directory using SAML
  • Powerful, granular access rights control to simplify processes
  • Comprehensive usage statistics
  • Secure user authorization


Our experience with hundreds of world-leading academic, corporate, biomedical, and government organizations can help you:

  • Saving time, IT resources and money
  • Secure, seamless single-click users access that discourages account sharing
  • No headache for introduction of new resources
  • Library resources become just another application to manage
  • Easy to adhere to compliance and standards
  • Increased engagement and user satisfaction
  • Full 24/7 support by experienced team for minimal administration
  • Maximize the potential of information resources